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Most Frequently Asked Question


“How long does it take?”

Once a painting is begun, approximately several months. I complete commissions in order of first come, first served.

Separate paintings of each child, or one larger group painting?

When painted individually, a painting can focus on that child’s individual personality, and tells a story unique to that child. Each painting of your 3 children will be as different as the children are from each other, yet will still work together as family portraits. When siblings are painted together, the painting is more a story about the family and their relationships with each other. One advantage of having separate paintings is that someday each child will own their painting.

Formal or Casual? Indoors or Outside?

Single Tone or Picture Background? Clothing? Accessories? Pets included? Keep it simple. No oversized clothing or busy patterns. Textured fabrics, a little jewelry, hair bows, etc are great. A well-loved toy or family pet can add so much. I would like to be involved in these choices.



I take all the photos that will be used - often hundreds - and work from many, not just one. Because this phase is so critical in my planning of the painting, I will not use photographs you already have. No one enjoys ‘sitting’ for hours on end, especially not children, so photography serves as a great resource for my work. These photos are like my ‘drawings’, and remain my property (not for publication).

Painting Size?

It varies on pose and setting. Subjects are painted a bit smaller than life size. If you have any size restrictions due to hanging space, let me know.


Deposit of 30% due at 1st photo session. Balance due upon approval of portrait, prior to delivery. I will be happy to assist in framing and shipping as part of my service to you.


Airfare, rental car, hotel, and any out of the ordinary expenses are billed separately to the client.

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