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Kathleen E. Carbonara has been painting professionally for 25 years, creating privately commissioned portraits for families, as well as building a body of original work for galleries and clients. See her trailer park portrait series, A WALK IN THE PARK, and a new body of original contemporary portraits called WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA. Kathleen’s work is in professional and private collections around the US and in the UK. Her uniquely personal style is bold, realistic, and beautifully lifelike.

The artist grew up in southeast Florida and now lives in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, children, and dogs. Kathleen holds a Masters in Advertising and Marketing from Northwestern University and an undergraduate degree in Art from St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame.

In her portrait business, Kathleen works very closely with her subjects and clients to give them the portrait they dream of. “Communication is key – I need to connect with my subjects and put them at ease, in order to capture their personality as well as likeness. And I feel it is very important to respect the parents’ or spouse’s role and to involve them in the process from the start.” Whether painting people or animals, the same level of attention to detail can be seen in all of her work.


In Kathleen’s original series, she promotes a message through portraits of people she meets, enlisting them as subjects in her 2 series, A Walk in the Park and Who’s Who in America. Poolscapes and still lifes are also part of her gallery of work. Thank you for visiting this site and we hope that you enjoy what you see.

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